Gerritt Wormhoudt

Gerritt Wormhoudt grew up in the Eastern Sierra where his passion for fishing and the outdoors originated at a young age. This passion progressed into a life-long pursuit of working and thriving in the fishing industry. Gerritt has over 24 years of fishing experience. He has spent countless days fly fishing the Upper Owen's River, Hot Creek, Crowley, and the East Walker.

His favorite is dry flying for Golden Trout in the remote areas of the high country where very few venture or swinging large streamers for Chinooks in Alaska during the downtime of his commercial fishing jobs. During his time at the University of Nevada, Reno, he also spent much of his time chasing giants on Pyramid Lake.

When Gerritt is not on the water fishing, you can find him making turns on the mountain, backpacking the backcountry, hunting public lands, or hacking golf balls on the links. His greatest joy from guiding is the ability to teach others what he has loved doing the majority of his life and getting his clients on fish, whether it’s their first fish or biggest fish. You can’t beat that pure excitement!