Pat Jaegar

Pat Jaeger has fished and explored the Eastern Sierra for over 40 years. His journey began when he moved to Mammoth Lakes in 1978. In 1980, he became part-owner of the Trout Fly in Mammoth Lakes. His passion turned into a profession after serving an internship at the Clearwater House on Hat Creek and a partnership with Eastside Guide Service in 1995.

Currently, Pat is a proud dad of two beautiful girls, a husband and owner /operator of the Eastern Sierra Guide Service. He logs over two hundred days a year on the water. His guiding is based out of the Mammoth Lakes area; he spends a month on the McCloud River and six weeks in Oregon guiding for Steelhead on the Rogue River.

Pat's main objective as a guide and teacher is to simplify the techniques for the person entering the world of fly fishing and to defy the most advanced of angler in the trout-infested waters in the West.