Orvis Ty Wheel






One of the best new fly-tying accessories to come on the market in a long time. A new and innovative solution to fly tying that takes up little room, but offers big features. Ty Wheel fits on the stem of your vise and essentially serves as a lazy susan, keeping material organized and right at your fingertips. Magnetic, the Ty Wheel holds tools and hooks in place. Four removable attachments allow you to configure the wheel to your specific needs. Attachments include: trash bin, tool slots with holes that can be used for tying tool storage, three shallow trays to hold hooks and beads, and five metal posts that store thread and wire spools vertically or horizontally. In black nickel. 10" in diameter with components. 7¼" without. Imported.

Gain up to 2" in height, fine-tune your vise height, and get back the ½" that the Ty Wheel takes up on your vise. This easy-to-install extension fits onto the shaft of your vise and allows you to attain your jaw-height sweet spot. For use on both C-clamp or pedestal-base vises.

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