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Fun Fact: Reka Headquarters, along with the town of Mammoth Lakes, sits on top of one of two active supervolcanoes in the United States. A cataclysmic eruption 760,000 years ago formed the Long Valley Caldera which formed some of the most scenic fisheries in the world. The volcanic glass (obsidian rock) resulting from this eruption can be found all over the valley in its sharp glassy form. The Paiute quickly figured out it’s many uses from arrowheads and tools to Jewelry and ceremonial objects, because of its strength and sharpness.

The Obsidian reel is named that for a reason. We designed it with carbon fiber on the frame to reduce the over all weight and give it the strength to handle a monster. This is the reel our Reka Affiliates use on their days off The Obsidian - Fly Reel, when they’re in the backcountry hunting golden trout and down at the creek throwing dry flies.


The Obsidian fly reel is rated as a 5/6wt large arbor reel.

Available in Fire Red, Sunset Orange, and Graphite Silver.

Backing Capacity:

75yrds 20# on 6wt line 
100yard 20# 5wt

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