Reka Talus Fly Reel






Part of living in the Eastern Sierra is having the privilege of being surrounded by a plethora of geology. Talus rock, with its unique colors, take up a good portion of the Sierra range in lower elevations. Hiking and driving on it can be tricky due to its loose nature. But some of the roads covered in Talus rock bring you to the most gorgeous lakes in the world.

The Talus reel embodies the idea of simplicity in rugged terrain. It’s fully sealed drag system, and quiet demeanor speaks for itself. With a green hub and matte silver finish, this is one smooth looking reel and is a favorite amongst fly shop employees and lake guides.


The Talus is rated as a 5/6wt large arbor reel.

Backing Capacity:

100yrds 20# on a 6wt line
120yard 20# on a 5wt line

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