Reka Tufa Fly Reel






Mono Lake; home to 4 trillion brine shrimp, 3x as salty as the ocean, testing grounds for underwater bombs by the military, and at the center of the Owens Valley-Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power ongoing dispute, this place is
weird to say the least. The limestone towers form when calcium rich underwater springs come in contact with carbonates to create the Mars-like formations. Just as the Tufa Towers have stood the test of time in Mono Lake, the Tufa is the
backbone behind our line of reels.

When we were developing this reel, we wanted a sealed drag system that can handle the monster lahontan-cutthroat found at
Pyramid Lake, NV. This is our workhorse reel, and it does not disappoint.


The Tufa Reel is available in a 3/4 in Olive and a 5/6 in Blue

Backing Capacity:

75 yrds 20# 3wt line
50yrds 20# 4wt line

120yard 20# 5wt line
100yrds 20# 6wt line

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