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Outcast Cataract Magnum Blade

Outcast Cataract Magnum Blade

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Cataract Blades – Cutthroat & Magnum

The Cutthroat style blade is a great shallow water drift boat blade from Cataract Oars. The Cutthroat blade’s asymmetric profile places more of the blade below the surface in low water conditions. With so much blade submerged, you’ve got something you can really pull on. It lets you say goodbye to those short, choppy strokes. No more scraping away at gravel bars with your blade tips. No more tickling the riverbed.

The Magnum Blade is Cataracts most popular oar blade. The Magnum features a high-grade urethane body molded around a stiff composite core. This combination lends moderate flex and unparalleled strength to the blade. With 7″ of width, it displaces a lot of water. You’ll feel it, too, when you surge forward every time you give it a good heave on the river. The teardrop shape is a favorite among rowers, and it has quickly become the workhorse of the blade fleet.
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