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Outcast OSG - LCS Apron

Outcast OSG - LCS Apron

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OSG Stripping Aprons

Discover the perfect solution for fly line management with OSG Stripping Aprons. Designed to reduce line snags and enhance your fishing experience, our aprons are a must-have for any angler. Explore our guide below to find the ideal apron for your boat and enjoy hassle-free fishing trips.
  • Float Tube Velcro Apron — 320-000245
    • FC4/FC4 Dlx 2021-Present
    • Rise 2020-Present
    • Summit 2022-Present


  • Float Tube Magnetic Apron — 320-000280
    • Fat Cat/Super Fat Cat 2021-Present
    • FC Cruzer 2020-Present
    • Cruzer Max 2022-Present
  • Fish Cat-LCS apron (4 plastic stays) — 320-000301
    • FC4/FC4 dlx 2008-2020
  • OSG Fat Cat-LCS Apron (4 plastic stays) – 320-000305
    • Fat Cat/Super Fat Cat 2008-2020
    • Trinity 2011-2019
*Note: Aprons with “Screen Printed” image measurements and lettering are prone to distortion so please use a verified measuring device for accurate local regulations.
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