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Loon Quickdraw Reel Case

Loon Quickdraw Reel Case

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A reel is an investment. This is insurance.

A quality reel is smooth, can stop a freight train, and is a joy to fish. Store it improperly or get some sand it it and you're trading those velvety spins for a grinding retrieve that will make the hair on your neck stand up. The Quickdraw Reel case houses your precious reel in neoprene, protecting against trauma and grit without locking water in. They are sized to be used regardless of whether or not the reel has ben removed from the rod. Pair them with the Quickdraw Rod Wraps and Quickdraw Rod Sleeves to create the perfect travel combo.

-Small fits reel sizes 1-3
-Medium fits reel sizes 3-5
-Large fits reel sizes 5-7

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