The Fish Report

September 23rd 2022

The Troutfitter is open from 7 am to 6 pm Sunday- Thursday, Friday-Saturday 7 am to 7 pm, wind and weather permitting.

Fire restrictions are in place.

We expect to see a rapid warmup  into the middle of next week and but even with high temperatures over the weekend, with longer and cooler nights the water temperature problems should be over.

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The Fish Report - September 23rd 2022

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Hot Creek - Flow Rates

Flow Rates and Water Conditions

Water Conditions: Fair, showing 4 cfs as of 9/24

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info

Remember, these are the flows just below Highway 395 on Mammoth Creek.











Fishing Conditions and Hatches

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Interpretive Site Fair-Good but very crowded  Canyon Section Fair

 Tricos, small caddis and midges in the morning with scattered mayfly and caddis midday. Tricos emergence around 8 with the spinner fall around 9. The mayfly hatches mid to late morning are a mix of PMD, Mahogany dun and Baetis. The evening Hatches are male Tricos and micro caddis, the caddis are #24-28 but #20-22 are working. Also Scuds all day and the morning Cranefly emergence can't be far off. The Interpretive Site has a lot more activity but the fish are educated, it's all about the drift. The canyon is picking up, still weedy but uncrowded.

I still tell my clients that a 4 second drift is average and finish with an aggressive pickup, you will hook fish you never knew existed.











Recommended Flies

DRIES:  R.P. Emerger #22 | Parachute Adams # 16-20  | Mother Shucker #24 | CDC Baetis Dun #18-24 | Griffith's Gnat #20-24 | Stillborn Midge Black #20-22 | Hi-Vis Baetis #16-20 | Para Caddis #18-22 | Elk Hair Skaddis #18-22 | Spent Partridge Caddis #18-22 | Brooks Hot Creek Caddis #22 | Tan Stimulator #14-16 | Sparkle Dun Foam PMD #16-18

NYMPHS:  T Midge #24 | Zebra Midge #18-22  | Juju Baetis #16-20  | Medallion Midge #18-24 |  Buckskin #16-20  |  Split Case PMD #16-18 | CDC Transition Midge #18-22 | Scuds grey #14-18 | Tailwater Sowbug Rainbow #16-18 |  Bling Midge Brown #24 | TB Millers+1LT #16-18 | Nori's Caddis #20-22 |Copper Bead Micro Stone #14-18

STREAMERS: Mini Sculpin Orange #6 | Slumpbuster Natural #10 | Hornburg #10-14   Mice

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San Joaquin River - Flow Rates

Flow Rates And Water Condition:

Flows are at 13 cfs as of 9/24










Fishing conditions and Hatches:

Fishing conditions and Hatches: Fair-?

 After last weeks rain the flows are a little above normal but nobody's been heading down there, if I get any reports I'll pass them along. In the mean time it should be a good place to hide. 2 weeks left, sorry no new information.









Recommended Flies

Dries: Elk Hair Caddis #12-18 | Para Caddis #14-20 | Sparkle Flag PMD #16-18 | Lawsons Thorax PMD #16-18 | CDC Mahogany Dun #12-16 | Tan Stimulators #14-16 Para Light Cahill #18-22

Nymphs:  | Tungsten Black Beauty #20-22 | Nori's Caddis #18-22 | B/H Prince #10-20 | Juju Baetis #18-22 | Iron Sally #14-16

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Crowley Lake - Surface Elevation

Water Conditions

Water Conditions:  Poor-fair

Lake Elevation at 6763.4 as of  9/24

The algae bloom has gotten worse and hard to predict. The  Health Department has issued a warning that the algae buildup on parts of the lake has the potential to be a health hazard.









Fishing Conditions and Hatches

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair-Good

  Don't get stuck in a rut, do some exploring and don't be afraid to leave the herd behind. Having said all that, it seems that it was the north arm but now it's flip-flopping between the north and Mcgee Bay in 12-18 feet of water. Best guess, all those fish in 20'+ ft. are perch and chub. Also the fish have gone back to eating midges and there are days midges are all they seem to want. It's real easy to fixate on perch patterns but don't forget Damsels, Callibaetis and Midges. Once again, if you think the glory shot is more important than the fish's health you'll end up killing lots of fish. If your deeper than 10' or so, giving the fish a hard shove to get him into colder water is simply out of sight out of mind, they won't make it. Keep them in the water and release quickly.











Recommended Flies


Nymphs: Balanced Hares Ear Tan or Olive #12-16 | Ultra Damsel #14 | Dainty Damsel #12 | Janssen's Emerging Callibaetis #14-16 | Albino Baron | Zebra red/Gold or Black/Silver | Copper Clown | Copper Tiger | Tungsten F/B Black Beauty #16-18 | Double Bead Zebra


Streamers: Marabou Leech Burgundy or Brown #12 | Perfection Perch #4 and 8 | Hornberg #8-14 | Baby Fat Minnow | Punk Perch #14-16 | Cheech Leech #1 |

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Upper Owens River - Flow Rates

Flow Rates and Water Conditions

Water Conditions:  Fair

Flows are 47 cfs as of 9/24

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info

The stretch of river above Benton Crossing Road is artificial, barbless, catch and release only.

The reason why the flows in the Owens don't go up and down much is that it is common for Deadman Creek to go underground up above 395 during drought years.

The water gets dirtier and has more debris the further downstream you go.











Fishing Conditions and Hatches

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair-Good

 The water below Hot Creek has gotten dirtier but above Hot Creek It's still clean.

The fall pattern is upon us, crowded on the weekends and generally  pretty empty midweek. Hoppers are still working well, hopefully for a while longer. Otherwise it's the fall pattern, a mixture of mayflies and caddis but nothing dominate. Still seeing Tricos early. We are starting to see some lake fish up above Benton Crossing so don't be afraid to throw streamers of all sizes. Water temperature wise I saw temperatures at noon down towards the lake of 60 so we should be in the clear. If you want to fish dries and size isn't a concern break out the 2 weight and have fun with the 4-10 inchers. ALERT: I'm leaving the following information up because it's still true but winding down fast.Tricos should be winding down soon but for now the hatch is still going but a little later, 8-10.. Also a mystery mayfly about the same time, #16-18, probably a Mahogany dun. Remember the male Trico emergence in the evening.

It's good to remember that there aren't a lot of "resident" fish in the Upper Owens, it's basically a nursery for Crowley Lake and as they get bigger most of them will move down to the lake. The fish that haven't gone to the lake yet tend to be pickier because it's their natural environment. So much for the temperature gage, it lost its funding and has been shut down. Scratch that, it may be shut down but it's still functional. There was a temperature gage on Hot Creek right above the Owens River Road bridge. Right now, the water temperature ranges between the low 80s and high 90s.  If you're not familiar with it, to get to the upper most branch of Hot Creek, go through the first drive through gate on the main road and immediately turn left. The confluence is between the first and second walk-thru gates.











Recommended Flies

DRIES: Griffiths Gnat #20-24 | Para Adams #20-24 | CDC Transition Midge #20-24 | Extended PMD #16-18 | Tan Stimulators #14-16 | Beck's Sulphur Emerger #16-20 | CDC Emerger Baetis #24 (for the caddis) | Parachute Caddis Grey #22 | Z Wing Real Midge #22-26 | CDC Spring Creek Hopper Tan #14-16 | Para Hopper #10-14 | Elk Hair Caddis #12-16

NYMPHS:  Zebra Midge #16-22 | Copper John #14-16 | PMD Duster #14-16 | B/H Pheasant tail #14-18 | Tung Stud Black #20 | Split Case PMD #14-16

Bling Midge #22-24 | Tungsten Olive Mic Drop #16-18 | San Juan worms assorted colors | Birds Nest Natural #16-20

STREAMERS: Shock Collar Leech #10 | Woolly Bugger White or Olive #6-14 | Punk Perch light or dark #10-16 | Baby Fat Minnow

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Lower Owens River - Flow Rate

Flow Rates and Water Conditions

Water Conditions: Good

Flows are at 152 cfs as of 9/23

Flows are coming down slowly, they may come down faster with the expected cool down.








Fishing Conditions and Hatches

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good

Cooler water temperatures ( upper 50's early/ low-mid 60's in the afternoon) have definitely improved the fishing despite the weak hatches. Fishing has been good from 6-10 with Trico imitations and large caddis pupa patterns. Also the Craneflies are starting to come off midmorning until early afternoon. They look like a PMD at first glance but the "tail" is really the back legs and they have protrusions on the top of their heads. There's virtualy no surface activity in the morning and the evening has some but not consistently. If you think a run is too shallow or fast it's probably just right is still the case. Add the dropoffs from riffles into the deep bends as well. EXCEPT early mornings when the fish will be in slower water feeding on Tricos.

TheTiny BWO hatch is slowing down, still starts around 10 but is sporadic. This used to be considered part of the PMD family but have been reclassified to Baetis. These guys are tiny, #22-26. The Trico mayfly hatch is at full strength, males emerging in the evenings and females in the morning with egg laying starting 9-10. That of course includes midges all day long and craneflies after 9 am. Evenings are getting better, small pale #20 mayflies, Trico male emergence and caddis. If you see what looks like a white caddis zig zagging low over the water it's actually an aquatic moth and only the small fish seem willing to try and catch them.









Recommended Flies

DRIES: Extended Body BWO #16-20 | Hi-Vis PMD #16-18  | Stillborn Midge #20-22  | Giffith's Gnat #22-24 |CDC Transition midge #20-22 | Slvrmn Stillborn Caddis #16-18 |Elk Hair Skaddis #16 | Tan Stimulator #14-16 | Headlight Yellow Sally #16-18 | CDC Baetis #22-24

NYMPH:  Pheasant Tail #14-18 | Caddis Cased #12 | Zebra Midge #18-22 |Weiss BP light or dark #18-20 | Bottom Roller Phsyco Rhyco #10-14 | Juju Baetis #16-22 | Pearl & Orange #16 |Chamois caddis #16-20 | TB Millers +1 Lt #16-18  | Lexi Girdle Bug Tan/Black #6 | HDA Fav. Variant #12-16

STREAMERS: Wooly Bugger Olive & Black #10-12 | Mini Sculpin Olive & Black #10-12

Guides Hint: Lesson learned the hard way, don't ignore the fish rising in the shallow water on the inside of the bends. They're usually a lot bigger than you thought.

East Walker River - Flow Rates

Flow Rates and Water Conditions

Water Conditions:  Fair

Flows are at 45 cfs as of 9/24

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info









Fishing Conditions and Hatches

Fishing conditions and Hatches: Fair-?????

Good news: Small trout and baby crayfish everywhere, and the water temperature is coming down. Also the hatches seem to be improving, besides the midges there's now an improving mayfly hatch(probably Baetis) mid to late morning. Bad news: Flows are low, water is very off color. I think with the water temperature coming down the fishing could be turning on. Riffles and pocket water have been the most productive. Baby Crayfish along the edges, Scuds and Damsel nymphs in the slow water.









Recommended Flies

DRIES:   Caddis Adult Tan #14-16 | Chernobyl Ant #12-14 | Chernobyl  org/grz  #6-8 | Parachute Adams #16-22 | Elk Hair Caddis #12-14 |Mini Mouse #10

NYMPHS: Prince Nymph #12-16| Bottom Roller Psycho #10-12 | Copper Zebra #16-22 | Zebra black/silver #20-24  Zac Attack Damsel #14  |  Glass Bead Micro May Olive #22-24 | S&M Nymph #18-22  | Tungsten Jig Baetis #18-20 | TTS Opal B/L #14-18 |  JuJu Baetis # 22-24 | V-Rib midge Claret #14-16 | Joe's Mini Crayfish #10

STREAMERS: Meat Whistle | Baby fat Minnow #8 | Belly Scratcher Minnow Chub #2 | Bank Robber Sculpin #2 | Punk Perch Light #10-14
| Rio's Brown Town Tan #4 | Hornberg #6-12

EURO Streamers: GD UV P/Jig White #12 | Kaslar M/G/S Olive #12


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