Fish Report - July 12th

General Report for Eastern Sierra

Runoff is slowing, and we need cooler weather to preserve the remaining snowpack. This weekend may bring thunderstorms and a much-anticipated cool down by the end of the weekend. The San Joaquin River has dropped to fishable levels, so consider checking it out this weekend. Note that access is only Friday-Sunday with limited services.

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Crowley Lake

Flows & Water Conditions The lake level is dropping about an inch a day. The algae situation has improved slightly.

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Fishing Report & Conditions: Fair- Very Good

The McGee Creek channel is crowded, but fish have moved into shallow waters (4-16 feet). Perch fry have arrived early, making food imitation via fly trickier. If the midges stop working around 9:30 AM, switch to Callibaetis nymphs. Around noon, switch to Damselfly or perch fry imitations. For stocker action, try Hilton Bay and Crooked Creek arm. Algae is increasing, so find clear water and explore as runoff slows.

Upper Owens River

Flows & Water Conditions Good
Clarity So-so below Hot Creek, but good above
CFS 76
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Fishing Report & Conditions: Good

Cows are being placed inside the fences, which can affect water clarity and drifting weeds. The slime weed migration worsens closer to the lake. Tricos are starting up, with female emergence around 7 AM and egg-laying at 9:30 AM. PMD morning hatch is fading. Evenings are good for male Trico and caddis hatches, along with caddis egg-laying.


  • Dries: Spider Variant Trico #20-22 | Parachute Extended Body PMD #16-18 | Parachute Caddis #16-22
  • Nymphs: Tungsten Psycho May PMD #14-16 | Drowned Trico Spinner #18-22 | Bead Head Flashback Pheasant Tail #14-22 | Guides Choice #14-18
  • Streamers: Keslars H/B/G Olive

Lower Owens River

Flows & Water Conditions Fair
Clarity Slightly off-color
CFS 558
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Fishing Report & Conditions: Fair-Good

Limited reports, with expected hatches picking up. Summer patterns include micro caddis emergence at 6 AM, female Trico emergence at 7 AM, and Trico spinners fall at 9-10 AM. Later in the summer, PMD and small BWO hatches occur in the mid-afternoon, with caddis egg-laying and male Trico emergence in the evening.

Hot Creek

Flows & Water Conditions Good - Very Good
Clarity Slightly off-color
CFS 21
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Fishing Report & Conditions: Good - Very Good

Caddis migration and female Trico emergence start at 7 AM. Trico spinner fall and PMD hatch begin around 9-10 AM, but the PMD hatch is slowing down. Trico spinner patterns work through midday. Late afternoons and evenings see male Tricos hatching and caddis egg-laying and emergence. Dropping flows are ending PMD and Yellow Sally hatches, also making fish in shallow water more vulnerable to bird predation.


  • Dries: Upright Organza Trico #18-22 | Spider Variant PMD #16-18 | Mimic May PMD #16 | Brooks Hot Creek Caddis #18-22 | Baby Boy Hopper #14-16 | Spent Wing Caddis #16-20
  • Nymphs: Tung Stud Black #18-20 | Split Case PMD #14-18 | HDA Fav #14-16 | Expecting Scud #16-18 | Drowned Trico Spinner #20-22
  • Streamers: Soccer Mom Ginger

East Walker River

Flows & Water Conditions Fair-Good; Water temperatures reach low-70s by early afternoon
Clarity Poor near the dam, improves downstream
CFS 237
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Fishing Report & Conditions: Fair-Good

Crowds are lighter, but hatches are becoming inconsistent with rising water temperatures – Monitor the water temperature to avoid fish fatality. Mornings are best; big lake midges up near the dam are consistent, but perch fry may take over. Slower water sections have strong Callibaetis and Damsel hatches. Light Trico hatches should improve soon. PMDs are still active mid-morning, with sporadic caddis activity throughout the day. Evenings see caddis and male Trico activity.


  • Dries: Chernobyl OJ #6-10 | Adult Cranefly | Mimic May Light Cahill #14 | Missing Link #12-16 | Double Duck #14-18
  • Nymphs: San Juan Worm Red | CB Micro Stone #14-18 | GB FB Pheasant Tail #14-20 | HDA Fav #12-16 | Drowned Trico Spinner #18-22 || Near Dam: V-Rib Midge Claret #14 | PT Midge Pupae #12-14
  • Streamers: Try 'Em All

San Joaquin River (Middle-Fork)

Flows & Water Conditions Reaching optimal levels with water temperatures in the upper 50s
Clarity Good
CFS 237, fluctuating from 30-50 CFS daily
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Fishing Report & Conditions: Promising and worth exploring. Stream temperatures range from 55-65 degrees. Access is limited to Friday through Sunday with minimal services available.