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Outcast Backpack Fins

Outcast Backpack Fins

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Outcast Fin Options

Fins are a must for navigating float tubes. Here at Outcast we offer 3 models to choose from.

Power Kick Fins

Move faster with less effort. Outcast Power Kick Fins make navigating your float tube or pontoon more efficient, generating more power with every movement. Resilient polyurethane construction with a V-shaped blade enables you to accelerate quickly with every kick, or glide gently by simply lifting your foot. For wearing over wading boots; features a stable foot cradle and adjustable straps. Includes Kicker Keepers, to ensure your Outcast Power Kick Fins stay in place. Length: 22″. One size fits most.

  • Faster, easier float tube or pontoon navigation
  • Generate more power with every movement
  • Resilient polyurethane construction
  • Efficient V-shaped blade
  • Designed for wearing over wader boots
  • Stable foot cradle with adjustable straps

Outcast Fins

Strap on your Outcast Fins and kick your way to great fishing from the seat of your float tube or personal pontoon. Designed for wearing over wader boots, these molded plastic fins feature easy step-in attachment with cinch strap. Kicker Keepers (included) ensure your Outcast Fins stay in place.

  • For navigating a float tube or personal pontoon
  • Designed for wearing over wader boots
  • Tough molded plastic construction
  • Easy step-in attachment with cinch strap
  • Includes Kicker Keepers

Backpack Fins

The Outcast Backpack Fins are perfect for when you want the lightest possible fins for backpacking into that secret lake. They pack down flat so they take up minimal space and they weigh less than a pound and a half. The nylon heel cup and webbing do an impressive job of securing the fin comfortably and firmly to your foot.

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