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Loon Line Speed

Loon Line Speed

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The best line treatment available improving the performance and longevity of your fly line

If you want to get the best performance and longest life out of your fly line then there is nothing better than Line Speed.  Applying Line Speed to a line, letting it sit overnight and then buffing it off the next day results in improved casting distance, accuracy and floatation.  Further it helps a line remain supple by filling in the cracks and imperfections and protecting it from harmful UV rays.  Line Speed is compatible with floating (and only floating) fly lines from all manufacturers including textured lines.  

-Top quality line cleaner and conditioner
-Fills in line imperfections
-Coats line with UV blocker
-Contains advanced lubricants for better casting
-Increases line floatation
-For best results allow 12-24 hours to dry

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