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Tenkara USA

Oki Kebari

Oki Kebari

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Many tenkara anglers in Japan favor larger tenkara flies, even for trout in mountain streams. With faster flowing waters, larger flies give fish a good opportunity to see it and the potential high calorie intake is too much for them to resist.

Particularly effective in fast water, or when the bugs are bigger, this size of tenkara fly should be in every tenkara angler's fly box. The Oki Kebari (literally "Big Fly") is a pattern developed by Tenkara USA® founder, Daniel Galhardo. It combines several attributes from tenkara flies he's learned from different teachers: larger size, soft hackle and peacock herl collar on a barbless hook. The forward-facing hackle also ensures a very lively fly underwater. This tenkara fly can be a very effective "secret weapon".

Size 8. Three flies in vial.

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