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With the sport of European Style Nymphing becoming more popular; the demand for a high performance, high quality, flyfishing reel has been met by Galvan’s New G.E.N reel.  The key feature of this reel are it’s extreme large arbor and closed frame design.  The extreme large arbor design, for those not familiar with the sport, accommodates the much smaller in diameter Euro Nymph lines.  The closed frame design creates a no slip through gap between the spool and frame also accommodating to the slimmer line profile of the sport.  An added feature of the closed frame is that it also fits the Torque and Rush spools.  A 3 pawl drag engagement is also incorporated to provide ultimate drag strength and rotation.

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G.E.N.  3.25 .85” 4.37 2-5 SA Comp Nymph Line 100yd 20lb $440.00 $205.00
G.E.N.  3.5 .90″ 4.79 2-5 SA Comp Nymph Line 100yd 20lb $460.00 $215.00
G.E.N.  3.7 .95” 5.22 2-5 SA Comp Nymph Line 100yd 20lb $485.00 $225.00
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