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Outcast Low-Back Plastic Drainage Seat

Outcast Low-Back Plastic Drainage Seat

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This sturdy, low back seat provides ample cushioning, lower back support, and allows for a full range of motion while rowing days on the river.

Low-Back Seat

The padded, waterproof NRS Low-Back Raft Seat provides a powerful and comfortable rowing station, or a nice spot for a passenger, in whitewater rafts and catarafts.

  • The soft cushions are covered with tough vinyl used in tractor seats.
  • The low seat back fits comfortably beneath the back panel of your life jacket.
  • This seat fits on the NRS Seat Bar and on the NRS Passenger Seat Mount, which clamps to any of our crossbars or side rails.

The hole pattern on this seat fits the following models:

  • Outcast PAC 1300
  • Outcast PAC 1400
  • All AIRE / NRS frames
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