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The Story

Sometimes your most reliable fishing buddy is your Orvis Wading Staff, made in lightweight carbon fiber. Near as we can tell, three points of contact are always better than two. Even worse is using your rodbutt to stable up a stumble or cushion a fall. That never ends well. Point being, there’s no shame in a wading staff at any age, especially one built durable and light from three sections of self-deploying carbon fiber. Fully adjustable from 115 cm to 135 cm, the staff features Powerlock 3.0 hardware that lets you safely customize the height with the market’s most burly locking mechanism. Up top, non-slip, omni-directional EVA foam allows for a secure grip. Down low, a durable, carbide flex tip with optional silent approach rubber cap lets you choose between digging in or keeping quiet. Includes wrist strap and retractor so your safety stick won’t go floating away. Folds up to an almost non-existent 41 cm and stores in easy-access neoprene sheath that slides into your wading belt. Weighs just 9.4 oz.


For replacement staff tips, click here.

  • Offers a third point of contact while wading and hiking
  • Built from durable yet lightweight carbon fiber
  • Self-deploys in three sections
  • Fully adjustable from 115 cm to 135 cm lengths
  • Dependable Powerlock 3.0 hardware locking mechanism
  • Firm grip from non-slip, omni-directional EVA foam
  • Secure anchoring from durable, carbide flex tip
  • Optional rubber tip cap for a more stealthy approach
  • Wrist strap and retractor
  • Folds down to 41 cm
  • Includes easy-access neoprene sheath that attaches to wading belts
  • 9.4 oz
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