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Tenkara USA

Shio Kosho Kebari

Shio Kosho Kebari

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The Shio Koshō Kebari, or Salt & Pepper Sakasa Kebari, is the “One-Fly” that TJ of Tenkara USA created, and he uses this one-fly anywhere he fishes. He made this fly, or kebari in Japanese, from two colors of thread, black and white, and two colors of feathers, also black and white, on a scud-style hook.

The creation of his One-Fly came from a visual issue with other flies he tried, where seeing the kebari underwater when doing subsurface presentations was hard for him to see. He then tended to his vise, created his fly, and named it Salt & Pepper Sakasa Kebari as it offered both black & white colors and was tied in the famous sakasa style of Japanese flies.

Having the white thread at the front or eye of the hook allowed him to see the fly better as he pulsed it to the surface, yet if the trout that day preferred darker bugs (you know some trout can be particular), tied behind the forward facing (sakasa) hackle is tied in black thread, therefore offering both darker and lighter colors on one fly pattern. The feathers also in black and white added a beautiful multicolor appearance to the fly.

This fly became his One-Fly offering for even the most finicky of trout. This is the only fly TJ carries in his fly box, in various sizes, and he has only used this one pattern since 2010. Truly a One-Fly practitioner to this day.

Sold in size 14. Three flies.

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