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Cortland Striped Bass Sink 8

Cortland Striped Bass Sink 8

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Striped Bass Sink 8

The Cold Salt Series Striped Bass Sink 8 was designed to fish flies deep in heavy currents or when fish are feeding well below the surface. Featuring a 28ft Type 8 (8-8.5IPS) sinking head that cuts through wind with ease and turns over large saltwater patterns. Our Cold Salt jacket remains supple and memory free in the coldest saltwater conditions.

- Type 8 Sinking Head (8-9 IPS)
- Intermediate Running Line
- Aggressive Taper Design
- X-Strong Core

WATER: Saltwater
LINE: Sinking / Intermediate
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 100ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament
SPECIES: Striped Bass / False Albacore / Bonito / Bluefish

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