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Tenkara USA

Tenkara Level Line

Tenkara Level Line

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Tenkara level lines are lines specifically used for casting with tenkara which have a level diameter and can be cut at any length. The best tenkara level lines: high visibility, little memory, the right stiffness and density for casting, and easy to keep off the water for drag-free drifts.

Benefits of tenkara level lines:

Lighter weight, which allows anglers to keep the line off the water as the fly drifts on the other side of multiple currents. This provides for very good drifts.

Versatility, where an angler can cut whatever length of line is desired or join lines together. 

- Economics, A spool contains 65 feet (20m), and allows you to make 4 or 5 lines, for a lower cost per line. 

Things to keep in mind: level lines require a slightly faster casting stroke, with very little pause on the back cast, and take more getting used to casting due to their light weight. Also, they do not have a pre-tied loop for girth-hitching to the rod tip. You can see how to setup a tenkara level line here.

Which level line weight should you choose?

The larger the number the heavier the level line. # 3.5 is our main recommendation for most conditions. #4.5 is the heaviest line, it performs better in windier conditions or with stiffer rods, and will be easier to cast but will sag a bit more under the rod tip. #3.5 is the lightest tenkara line we offer; it stays off the water beautifully for the best fly presentations, but it is harder to cast with, especially when there is wind or with stiff rods. 

Note: the tenkara line weights we use are not in any way related to western fly-line weights, the numbers come from an old Japanese system and are not necessarily paired with a rod. 

What length of tenkara line should I use?

That's up to you. As rules of thumb, your first and possibly main lines will be roughly the same length as the rod (plus 4-5 feet of tippet at the end). As you see a need for it, you can experiment with longer lines. While you can fish with lines that are twice the length of the rod (or more), we find that a more comfortable place is getting a line up to 1.5x the length of the rod (12ft rod, 18ft line for example - plus 4ft of tippet).

We typically carry a Keeper which accommodates two lines. On one side we will carry a "short" line, 12ft, and on the other a long line, 18ft for example. Experimenting and seeing what you find works well for you and your waters is a big part of the fun here.

What is tenkara level line made of?
The Tenkaraara USA® level line is made of a proprietary formula of fluorocarbon. 

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